Founded in 2005 by a set of engineer’s, GreenMil International pioneering spirit and dedication to customer support outperform the competition. . As an industry leader, GMI excels in providing Design and Manufacturing and Assembling technically superior PCB for its valuable customers in and around Asia and globally.

Our products and manufacturing excellence combine quality, reliability, timely delivery, and cost-effective production into turnkey solutions for our customers.

We maintain state of the art equipment that facilities for the support of Design, manufacturing, and testing of the customers' products. Our dedication to quality service continues with our solid growth in all service areas.

As an EMS Business provider in the region, GMI provides the following services:


PCB Design.
PCB Fabrication.
Components procurement.
PCB Assembly.


GreenMil International INC. Supplies contract-manufacturing services including Circuit Board assemblies and complete Box Build and Test Services for medical, Telecommunications, and Industrial / Commercial applications.

When it comes to satisfying the customer, GMI’s flexibility allows each of our customers the ability to choose the level of service; turnkey, consignment, combination of turnkey / consignment or total product build that best fits their needs.

Our purpose is to help our customers dominate their markets, says GMI. With our unique blend of services and manufacturing resources, GMI is able to work with its customers, taking them effortlessly from the engineering and design state, through prototypes and into offshore, low cost volume production.

GreenMil International has been providing its customers with various technology outsourcing services since 2005. GreenMil International has over 5000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and offers its customers a complete turnkey solution coupled with professional program management.